Broker EXANTE is an reliable brokerage with a European license and state insurance for client funds. It offers access to the broadest range of stock markets and financial instruments. EXANTE has additional advantages such as a modern terminal with high support and low commissions.

Overview of EXANTE



Security                              5
Comfortability                  4
Fnancial instruments      5
Support                              4
Commissions                    4


EXT Ltd. (European Investment Company) brokers financial markets for the EXANTE brand. EXANTE brokers' product range includes OTC financial instruments as well exchange-traded cryptocurrencies.

Exchange-traded financial instrument

EXANTE offers direct access and access to more 50 of the biggest exchange platforms in the world. EXANTE's clients have direct access to all classic exchange-traded items, such as stocks of public companies, ETFs, bonds, futures, or options. Additionally, the company offers currency buying opportunities in the Moscow Stock Exchange exchange section.

OTC financial instruments            

EXANTE gives clients access to the exchange floors, and also allows them to trade over-the–counter instruments from the one brokerage account. The company's clients have access both to forex currency pairs, as well as gold or silver. EXANTE offers transactions with off exchange currency derivatives. These include forwards and swaps in 50 currency pairs.


EXANTE allows traders to trade cryptocurrencies on one account. Trading cryptocurrency CFDs includes Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash(BCH), Ethereum® Classic (ETC), Ripple® (XRP), Ripple® (XRP), Ripple® (XRP), Ripple® (XRP), Ripple®, Litecoin® (LTC), Binance Coin (“BNB”), Dash and two indices - DeFi Index® (DEFIX), Altcoin Index® (XAI).

Trading platform

EXANTE has many advantages:

  • Interface iIntuitive
  • 10 available interface languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Thai, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese
  • Transacts on all markets and all available instruments with one brokerage account.
  • Comfortable functions. Simply drag and drop the name of the instrument to be opened from the list of instruments into the desired window.
  • Special modules to analyze individual markets: options board, bond searching module.
  • API connectivity for custom programming for trading and market analysis.

Fees and Terms of Trading

Brokerage commissions The following table lists EXANTE's brokerage charges for transactions using the most popular financial instrument types.
The fees include order execution and exchange as well as clearing.
Fill in and Withdraw. You cannot deposit or withdraw funds to your brokerage account via bank transfer. The following currencies are accepted for withdrawals or deposits: US dollars.
The withdrawal fee of EUR30 or its equivalent in another currency is charged. Requests for withdrawal are processed in one day.

Demo account

Register on the EXANTE site to open a Demo account. For mock trades, a virtual sum of one million Euros can be used on a demo. Trading on a demo account does not differ from trading on a live account. You can use real market quotes, which are displayed after a delay of 30 seconds.

The manager support service is available by phone, e mail, and chat on Exante.eu 24/7. Every customer gets a dedicated account manger.

Broker guarantees

EXT Ltd. (Cypriot brokerage company) is under the supervision of ESMA and CySEC, the European Union financial regulators. The company is in compliance with EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II. EXANTE's brokerage accounts are insured by the Government Compensation Fund of the Republic of Cyprus, up to EUR20,000. CySEC granted permission to the company to offer financial services.

EXANTE Broker rates

Accounts on US exchanges 


Accounts at the Hong Kong Exchange

0,08% transaction volume + extra fees

London Stock Exchange 

Transaction volume = 0.05%

Xetra Stock Exchange

Transaction volume = 0.05%

Futures, options and futures on US exchanges  

Starting at $1.5

Gold and Silver

0.005% on trade volume